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Overdraft Protection The Ohio State Bank offers Courtesy Pay protection to ensure your essential payments go through.

Mistakes happen. We provide this service for your security even if you overdraw on your account. Courtesy Pay is standard on our accounts and covers electronic transactions and checks. You can opt-in to have the coverage extend to everyday debit card and ATM transactions as well.


  • • No setup fees
  • • Standard overdraft protection on online and check debits
  • • Must opt-in to cover debit card and ATM transactions
  • • Prevent payments from not going through
  • • Avoid denied transactions
  • • $30 fee per overdraft item
  • • Other forms of overdraft protection may be available

Lowest to Highest

Our standard practice is to pay your transactions in order from lowest item first to highest item last. Many banks pay highest items first, which can create substantially more overdraft fees. By paying lowest items first, The Ohio State Bank may reduce the amount of overdraft occurrences on your account.

Courtesy Pay is a non-contractual courtesy that is available to individually/jointly owned accounts in good standing for personal or household use. The Ohio State Bank reserves the right to limit participation to one account per household and to discontinue this service without prior notice. We may refuse to pay an overdraft for you at any time even though we may have previously paid overdrafts for you.