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Letter From Our President

The Board of Directors, Officers, and the dedicated Staff of The Ohio State Bank, welcome you as customers, potential customers, and shareholders in our community bank. As a true community bank, we are committed to support the growth and prosperity of the communities we serve. At this time, the bank's focus is concentrated on the greater Marion area with its two local offices, the Green Camp community, and the Lewis Center/Delaware county area.

Our Board members and employees live and work in these areas and are in tune with the needs of those we bank. Whether in displaying the art work of elementary students in our lobbies, serving pancakes to our agricultural customers at the Richland Rd. office's annual "Farmers' Appreciation Breakfast", or providing reasonably priced banking services through the Bank's rewards program, Champion Checking, we dedicate our daily work to respect, fairness, and outstanding customer service.

So as your call or visit to any of our banking offices will be met with an eagerness to assist you in your banking needs, we focus on the training of our staff members. This education translates into the knowledge required to provide a true sense of commitment to you, not only with your banking requirements and questions, but also an interest in you, your family, and your welfare.

But of course, most every bank and banker claims to offer some special service, some edge over all others. The challenge is to "prove it". I witness this proof every day while observing the interaction of our associates and our clients. We are never too busy to get to know those we service better, ask about their families, and offer our banking advice if needed. Our bank's services, supported by outstanding technology innovations, offer our customers the high degree of convenience they need while also providing the security they demand. We sincerely thank our present customers for their confidence and support. If you're not a current client, we invite you in to have a cup of coffee with us and learn about our wide ranging banking products and services. We are all a phone call or visit away from assisting you and your families in your banking needs.

Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly

Mark S. Kelly, President