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Cash Management Services

Improve the way your business collects, moves, and disburses money and you'll also improve your bottom line. The Ohio State Bank's cash management services give you the tools to do so effectively.

Enjoy ACH services, payroll solutions, and Positive Pay fraud protection. Streamlined efficiencies and faster processes will free up valuable time in your company, allowing you to focus on revenue-generating business.


  • • Make payments electronically
  • • Direct deposit of employee payroll to any bank
  • • Eliminates waste and expense of paper checks
  • • Collect payments electronically
  • • Electronic collections available in account faster
  • • Transfer money to other financial institutions
  • • Save time and money in accounts receivable and payable

Positive Pay

    Positive Pay is the front line of fraud preventions services that verifies all checks originating from your company before payment is issued.
  • • Instant validation that checks originated from your business
  • • Every check you write or void is recorded electronically
  • • Information stored includes account and check number and dollar amount
  • • Every check presented for payment is cross-checked with these files
  • • Imperfect matches flagged before payment
  • • Convenient and easy to use
  • • Prevents fraud before it happens
  • • Software provided

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