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Ohio State Treasury Management Account

This unique business investment account allows you to boost your bottom line without putting it out of reach.

A linked checking account is given a target balance. Excess funds are automatically swept here where they earn interest above money market rates. If the checking balance ever drops below the target balance, funds are swept back to cover any transactions. Simple, seamless, and automatic.

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  • • Competitive interest above money market rates
  • • Tiered interest structure; higher rates as balance increases
  • • No minimum balance to earn interest
  • • $10,000 minimum balance to waive $10 monthly service fee*
  • • Must be linked to a business checking account
  • • Idle checking funds automatically swept here
  • • Funds automatically swept back to checking if needed

*A monthly dormant fee of $8 will be charged if there is there is both no activity after one year and the balance is below $500.